Harry Potter Replica Nimbus 2000 Magic Broom New Edition

Harry Potter Official Merchandise available at Official Geek Merch

This new edition has been drawn and made from the Harry Potter Warner Bros. movies' archives. This improved edition has a fully varnished hand-carved wooden handle as well as an authentic weeping willow bristle. This superb piece will be the centerpiece of your Harry Potter collection.

Imagine, Harry's first broom on your shelves! Better yet, this limited edition product exists only in 10,000 copies worldwide and each broom is numbered.

Each Nimbus 2000 comes with a certificate of authenticity, a stand and a metal plate numbered. This Nimbus 2000 is undoubtedly the finest Harry Potter product ever made by Cinereplicas team.

  • Limited edition 10,000 copies worldwide 
  • Every piece is numbered (randomly dispatched)
  • Authenticity metal plate included
  • Material: Mahogany handle, weeping willow wood bristle
  • Removable foot rests on two positions: Flight Mode / Idle 
  • Wrapped with care in Quidditch wrapping paper
  • Engraved handle with a golden Nimbus 2000 logo
  • Comes in 2 pieces. Easy assembly with screw system
  • Size: full real size 160cm x 17cm
  • Weight: 5.10kg

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