Pre-Order Marvel Avengers Thor Mjolnir Hammer Replica

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Scale 1:1. Size: 50cm. Light and sound effects. LED light.">Scale 1:1. Size: 50cm. Light and sound effects. LED light.


Thor's Legendary Hammer, Mjolnir, First Appeared In Marvel Comics" Journey Into Mystery #83 In 1962. The Powerful Weapon Was Forged From An Asgardian Metal Called Uru, Which Was Found Deep In The Heart Of A Dying Star. Mjolnir Has Appeared In A Variety Of Mcu Films, Including Thor (2011), Thor: The Dark World (2013), And Thor: Ragnarok (2017) - As Well As Featuring In Various Avengers Films. In The Films, Thor Is Depicted By The Fan-Favourite Actor Chris Hemsworth. Following The Destruction Of Mjolnir At The Hands Of His Sister, Hela (Cate Blanchett), He Would Eventually Wield Another Equally Mighty Weapon: Stormbreaker. With This Full-Scale Mjolnir Replica, You Can Discover The Power Of The God Of Thunder Once Again. It's Your Turn To Become The Strongest Avenger! Product Features: Hasbro Marvel Legends Thor Mjolnir Hammer Replica (1:1 Scale, 19.75 Inches) Display Stand Voice-Activated Lights And Movie-Inspired Sound Effects (Instructions Included) Authentic Wrist Strap And Pommel 1.5V Aa Alkaline Batteries Required (Not Included) Caution: Do Not Hit Or Swing At People Or Animals